Marlix Student Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can discover everything you need to know

about your beautiful new home in Derby.

We want your stay with Marlix to be a memorable one, we have many wonderful features unique to Marlix that we know you’ll love. We’ve also made sure that Marlix Student Studios is idyllically located, Agard street is in the very centre of Derby student life to ensure you get the very best out of the city and your university. Any questions? Take a look through this info sheet and let us explain the answers.

For any additional queries, our friendly on-site staff team can assist. This info sheet also contains a couple of rules. Just a few straightforward guidelines to ensure that you and your fellow residents at Marlix Student Studios feel safe, looked after, and free to maximise your enjoyment here in the Marlix community.

Marlix Student Living Platinum Suite

What Should I bring?

You may wish to bring items to Marlix Student Living to make your Marlix suite more like home…

We provide as standard in every Marlix suite…

Please note all UK plug sockets also have USB C so all electronics should be USB C compatible.

You will need to bring…

So that you do not have to shop the moment you arrive, you may wish to bring:

If you’d like one less thing to worry about,
we can provide these items ready for your arrival

Useful Information

The Moving In Process

Your accommodation will have a dedicated moving in weekend which coincides with the start of your tenancy. Details of this will be communicated to you closer to the time. There is car parking at Marlix and when you reserve a dedicated moving in slot, we will have a space available right outside the front door and assistance from our on site team for the most convenient moving in process possible. Ensuring you don’t have to carry your suitcase and possessions far to get them safely set up in your new home.

Don’t worry if you are not able to move in on the dedicated moving in weekend, you can still pick up your keys during office hours outside of this. In this case, please contact our welcoming on-site accommodation team to let them know when to expect you and to ensure moving in is a hassle-free experience for you.

Please ensure that, before you move in, you have completed the following:

  • Paid your £250 deposit
    *We cannot issue keys to you if rent has not been paid.
  • Paid your first rental instalment, or full rent if applicable. Both payments will be due on a date to be confirmed.
  • Provided 1 x photo ID and 1 x proof of address, for yourself and your guarantor if applicable. 2 x passport photos and 1 x proof of student status.
    *If you have not done this prior to move in, you MUST bring all these with you on the day of your arrival. Without complete documentation, you will not be unable to move in.


Please be aware:

Absolutely no keys will be issued if a resident has not completed any of the above requirements.

Living in Derby

The Unibus is a fantastic service linking all the University of Derby sites, Derby City Centre, Markeaton Park Park and Ride and Derby Train Station. 1 trip is £1.70 and 10 trips costs £10 or free with a valid student ID.

Below are some local accommodation options for visitors or parents dropping students off at Marlix:

  • Premier Inn Riverlights, Riverlights, Morledge, Derby, DE1 2BB
    T: 0871 527 9684

  • Premier Inn, Cathedral Quarter, Full Street, Derby, DE1 3AF
    T: 0871 527 9684

  • Jurys Inn, King Street, Derby, DE1 3DB
    T: 01332 62100

Opening a UK Bank Account

You may wish to ask if your bank has a special relationship with a bank in the UK and whether they can help you with setting up an account.

We recommend that you open a bank account which can provide you with monthly paper statements. It is important to keep all your bank statements while in the UK and make sure that you tell your bank if you change address.

Safety and Security

It is better to deposit money in a bank account so that your cash is not lost or stolen.

For Visa Purposes

If you need to extend your current visa or apply for a new visa you will need to show financial evidence to prove that you have enough money to live in the UK. Having a UK bank account helps you to do this quickly and easily.

For a Part-Time Job

Many businesses pay salaries directly into a bank account. There may be bank charges to pay your salary into an overseas account.

You will need to bring the following items with you to open an account:

Your passport/photo ID card

A ‘bank letter’ from the University confirming your registration, your home address in the UK and your overseas address – and the fact that the University has corresponded with you at your overseas address.

You will be issued with a ‘bank letter’ after you have completed your visa checkpoint at the University. This letter will be issued by the Registry, not your academic department.

Many banks also have tight security measures, so that it can take quite a long time (up to four or five weeks) to open an account. It is very important that you have enough money available to cover your expenses during this period. It is difficult to estimate how much you will need, as students have individual needs, but we suggest £1,000 (separate from tuition and accommodation fees) for a single student living in University accommodation.

For security, we would recommend you bring a credit or debit card, which can be used in the UK, rather than large amounts of cash.

General Questions

Your mail will be delivered to your post box. If you’re not at home, any larger mail/parcels will be held at reception for you to collect. If your parcels need signing for, a member of the team will be happy to do this. Please note that the accommodation team takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to parcels that have been signed for at reception.

Lost your keys? Leaky tap? Whatever issues you face, we’re here to help.

Lost your keys or locked yourself out? Worry not. We can help.

If you lose your key/fob/key card, its replaceable for a small fee. You just need to request a replacement from the accommodation office. If you lose your key outside of office hours, you’ll need to call the out of hours emergency number who will arrange for someone to let you in. ID will be required and there will be a call out fee for this service. Once you’re safely back inside, come to the accommodation office during opening hours to pay and collect a new set of keys. If you’ve locked yourself out of your room during office hours, come to the accommodation office and on our site manager will loan you a temporary key so that you can get into your room to collect your own key. Please ensure you bring the borrowed key back to us within a couple of hours. Keys are and costly to replace, so keep them safe and remember where you left them.

Things wear out and things get broken, nothing to stress about. We want you to feel your Marlix accommodation is immaculate, a home to be proud of. If something needs fixing, inform the accommodation office and the repair will be carried out as soon as viably possible. We pride ourselves on providing a rapid repair time. A time will be arranged prior for our maintenance team to come and fix things. Always knocking prior to entering a bedroom and if you’re not home, we’ll leave a card to let you know if they’ve been into your room. Any problem you encounter will be solved efficiently.

If you have an emergency maintenance issue, such as a burst pipe or a broken window, and it’s outside of maintenance staff working hours, you can report it to our out-of-hours service and they’ll immediately contact the appropriate person to resolve the issue. If you have a non-emergency maintenance issue, like a blocked drain, please hang report to our accommodation office during office hours. These kinds of issues will be resolved during the usual maintenance staff working hours.

Room cleaning is not included in your rent, so you will be responsible for cleaning your room. If you’re not keen on doing the cleaning yourself, we offer a range of room cleaning services. Choices vary choose from weekly, monthly, ad hoc and end-of-tenancy cleans.

Student accommodation is often not a suitable environment for pets and that’s why pets of any shape or size aren’t allowed.

Marlix will pay your TV license for you to maximise your enjoyment from your Marlix fitted smart TV – every room comes equipped with this feature.

Rapid fibre optic broadband and Wi-Fi is available throughout the building, 24-hours a day at no additional cost to you.

At Marlix due to our city centre location the best possible services are available to us; and we have installed the highest speed fibre.

We have installed boosters throughout the building to ensure internet is available everywhere. Additionally at your desk we have provided an RJ45 direct connection if you prefer to use this.

Upon arrival we will explain how to connect and provide the passwords to ensure these services are always available to you.

In the heart of university quarter

Marlix Concierge Bespoke Services

We are committed to exceeding your expectations. We’re proud to offer a range of bespoke services to make your time at Marlix extra special. If a service you require is not listed, just ask, we will do our best to help.

Please note these services are chargeable.

Designer Room Package

We can offer bespoke services including sourcing and supplying the things you will need.

Our interior designer has chosen modern, high-quality products for our show suites. We can supply your suite with these products upon request.

To help you in your move, you may want to request specific products. Our service team will be happy to help with anything from bedding to crockery and everything in between. We will provide you with a quote and ensure your home comforts are ready prior to your arrival.

Collection Services

We can arrange for a professional driver to meet you at any airport or train station.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

We can arrange laundry and dry cleaning services to be collected from Marlix if you don’t want to do this yourself.

Room Cleaning Service

We provide free of charge light weight vacuum cleaners which are available for collection from reception. We can also arrange a cleaner to your room at an additional charge.

International Arrivals

If you are arriving from overseas, it may not be possible to bring lots of things with you. You may wish to take advantage of our Concierge Services, but we also offer specific services to students arriving from overseas:

Complaints Process

Now we will strive to create an environment where you feel you have no complaints, but in the event there is something you need to bring to our attention, the complains process is below…

Stage 1

Where possible, please make your complaint in person at reception or by telephone. Our staff on-site will attempt to investigate and deal with the matter immediately. If you are unhappy with the solutions or explanations given, you can escalate your complaint to Stage 2 by letter or email to site within 10 working days.

Stage 2

Your complaint must be in writing. Our staff will pass your communication on to management within Marlix Student Living, who will investigate further and provide a written response within 7 working days where possible. You must state why you think your complaint has not been treated fairly or correctly.

Stage 3

In the event that you still feel your complaint has not been treated fairly or correctly you can write to the Complaints Panel within Marlix Student Living at The Panel will normally notify you of their decision within 10 working days. You must state why you think your complaint has not been treated fairly or correctly to this point.